Kamal Haasan forwards condolence on demise of Thilakan

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Thursday, Sep 27, 2012

Kamal Haasan forwards condolence on demise of Thilakan

Veteran actor Thilakan is favorite actor among Malayalam people and Tamilians.  Thilakan debuted into cine field through movie Gandarvachetram released in 1972.  Following that Thilakan did movies as Yaavanika, Yatra, and Panjaangini.  In Tamil, Thilakan did movie Chanakyan starring Kamal Haasan, with Vijaykanth Thilakan joined hands for movie Chatriyan, and with Karthik, Thilakan did movie Mettukudy.  With Arjun Thilakan did movies as Aayudhapoojai and Pazhasiraja.

Thilakan has done more than 200 movies. He has won national award twice, and Kerala State award 9 times, and has bagged Film-Fare awards twice.  Further, Indian government presented the Padmasree award in 2009 as felicitation for his service in cine field. 

Kamal Haasan forwarded condolence on demise of Malayalam actor Thilakan.  Regarding this, Kamal Haasan released a press note. 

‘Although I have not retained that much contact with Malayalam actors as I did before, it is my fortune that love has not ceased to exist on both sides.’

‘The quality of delivery has increased such that there is no dearth for good actors.  But still, the loss we have incurred through demise of Thilakan cannot be compensated.  He is a person with experience and terrific self-confidence.’

‘During shooting for movie Chanakyan, Thilakan was introduced to me as a formidable actor.  Those who learnt from Thilakan shed tears of thankfulness.’

‘People would long for the one whom they have been appreciating.  But I could say that good artistes will emerge.  But it would not be like him.  One can see semblance of him, but the original one is lost forever.  I thank you, Thilakan, for being with us this long’ said Kamal Haasan.

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