Kamal Haasan lauds Music Maestro Ilayaraja in book release event!

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Tuesday, Jun 05, 2012

Kamal Haasan lauds Music Maestro Ilayaraja in book release event!

The book release event for music maestro Ilayaraja’s ‘Paal Nila Paadhai’ and ‘Enakku Edhuvo Unakkum Adhuvae’ was held in Chennai yesterday.

Kamal Haasan participated as special guest and spoke on the event.  Here are excerpts from what he spoke:
‘Here, I have come to speak with no rehearsal.  Why should one rehearse to speak about Ilayaraja…?  Whether I get stage or not, I speak unceasingly about Ilayaraja.  I have come here as commoner sticking by no tradition.’

 ‘There may be several smart people.  But they need to be accepted by masses.  Ilayaraja is one such person who has been accepted by everybody.’

 ‘The reason is his simplicity.  As I was conversing with him, he said… Here they pour water and keep us cool.  So, we should safeguard the fire burning inside from getting extinguished’

‘In our field, there needs to be much care about fame.  I am like a media PRO for Ilayaraja.  Even without payment, I would spread his fame.  Two days back, he celebrated birthday.  Some asked me whether I wished him.’
 ‘No… I would not do that.  One should not remind him about increasing age.  Let him do his work with peace.’
 ‘As per me, increasing age is just a matter of numbers.’

 ‘I write lyrics and show it to him.  Angered at that, he used to write wonderful lyrics.  So, I am not going to speak about his books.  Although I have many schedules, this occasion proves inevitable and so I turned up.’
I learnt music from Ilayaraja…

 ‘Both me and Ilayaraja have discussed umpteen matters through years.  We used to debate in such a manner that many doubt our friendship.  He used to put all his anger into his harmonium box.  Adhering to times and need, he used to reveal it through good music.  I learnt music only through him.’

 ‘If I had been a music composer, I would have suffocated him with a pillow.  I have that much of envy towards him.  I used to sense this when doing work with others.’

 ‘One should not mistake his self-confidence to be pride or arrogance.  He is a person beyond all that.  He is a pediatrician.  Child wails.  Nobody knows why.  But, it is a medical practitioner who prescribes medicine understanding the child’s needs.  I have cried several times.  Ilayaraja used to give me the appropriate medicine.’
I concede… he is the God of music!

 ‘He is a genius upon whom there is unceasing admiration.  The program coordinator said that Ilayaraja is the God for music… and that I would not refute that.  Tell me this is God. Tell me this particular person is God.  I would accept.  Everybody has a unique devotion.  I would be able to show devotion only towards something I believe in and towards a person upon whom I have faith.’

 ‘One could unceasingly narrate instances regarding Ilayaraja.  We have worked together for more than 100 movies.  There are experiences which many have missed out.  Our friendship would last long’ said Kamal Haasan.

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