Kamal Haasan speaks during audio launch of ‘Viswaroopam’

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Saturday, Dec 08, 2012

Kamal Haasan speaks during audio launch of ‘Viswaroopam’

Viswaroopam is movie written, directed and acted by Kamal Haasan.  The audio launch for the movie was held yesterday in Madurai, Coimbatore and Chennai during the same day.  Kamal Haasan participated in the audio launch and spoke:-

‘There was furor during audio launch in Madurai and Coimbatore.  In Chennai, it was a silent love and regard I received.  There are people who caressed me when I was a child, those who relished me when I was a youth and then those who are seeing me after I have turned a bit older.  These people are the crux.  Only through assistance from the crux, I am functioning as a wheel which does not detach. 

‘I am conducting this audio launch to boast of how many people there are besides me.  When I told some people that I am to conduct audio launch by visiting three towns in helicopter, they told me to think practically.  I have proven that this indeed could happen.’

‘I desire applauses.  There is no limit to the desire.  I do not even see whether I am qualified for the applauses.  I believe that this furor and applause would be there for Viswaroopam also.  Everybody would sure like Viswaroopam.  Reason is that only after tasting something I would provide it to others.  Viswaroopam is a dinner which I relished. Now, I am going to serve it to you.’

There were other noted icons as Ilayaraja, Bharathiraja, SP Muthuraman, AR Murugadoss, KS Ravikumar, Dharani, Lingusamy, Prabhu, and Ramkumar in the audio launch. 

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