Kamal Haasan to host 'BIGG BOSS' Tamil

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Thursday, May 04, 2017

Kamal Haasan to host 'BIGG BOSS' Tamil

Kamal Haasan is the host of the Tamil version of Big Boss to be aired on Vijay TV .This is Kamal Haasan’s first foray into television and the excitement is palpable . 

The International format is being introduced first time in the Tamil market and on Vijay TV, which has always had it good when it comes to unique content offering in the Nonfiction space. The show would see the coming together of 15 celebrities in a posh house with all the amenities but who are completely cut off from technology and the outside world for 100 days.

When asked on choosing  BIGG BOSS as his first foray into Television, Kamal Haasan said 'When Vijay TV approached me to play host , I funnily quipped , who better than me right, all my life have been under a constant watch and  have been judged on whatever I have done , public or private. But now Roles are reversed as I would stand with the audiences and watch these celebrities in the house survive this ordeal.'

Big Boss will air on Prime time Monday to Sunday 9 pm on weekdays and 8.30 pm on weekends.

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