Kamal Haasan voices against GST

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Saturday, Jun 03, 2017

Kamal Haasan voices against GST

The implementation of GST has earned the wrath of many in the Tamil film industry. Actor-director Kamal Haasan has raised his voice against this. He says that regional cinema was the pride of the country and it cannot be pressurized through taxes.'Regional cinema is the strength of Indian cinema.

This diversity is the reason why this country is strong. That diversity has to be maintained. You cannot pressurize that.Regional cinema has been the pride of India,' he said.Explaining the important role played by regional cinema, Haasan said it stood up at International scrutiny and award committees.

'Apart from the 28 per cent (of taxes under the GST), we will be paying the income tax. Just see where you (Government) are taking us (film industry),' he said adding most of the people cannot afford to pay this kind of tax.

Stating that the cinema is the most versatile art form, Kamal Haasan said, 'This is an art form. We have had a Bharat Rathna (the late MG Ramachandran) from this industry.

So does it sound like a sinful industry??''The total hegemony of American cinema was shifting of cinema from Europe. Most of the culture iconic genres, art forms all go from Europe from the best directors who have reigned supreme in Hollywood, has been from Europe,' he said.

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