Malayala hit “Traffic” to be remade in Tamil

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Tuesday, Nov 08, 2011

Malayala hit “Traffic” to be remade in Tamil

While the Tamil cinema has turned to realism, the malayam filmdom, which had been the parent of realism has now turned into a tent of masala. However, there are those directors who take films just for the release for festival. Among the films that were released during last year, traffic, which was a mixture of commercial and art film, gained great response among the Keralites. Kamal who saw the film, bought the remake rights of the film.

In order to confirm the news, Kamal spoke in the 100th day function of Traffic as follows, “ I am very eager to act in the remake of this film.” Being such the state of affairs, since he is acting in Viswaroopam, the situation is such that he cannot act in the remake of the film. Therefore, Rajesh, the director of traffic is remaking the film first in Hindi.

After completing the Hindi remake, Rajesh will remake the film in Tamil with Kamal. Sarathkumar has already been signed for an important role in the film, along with Kamal.

Since Traffic is a road movie, there are lots of characters in the film. It is said that Arjun may also join in this film. In the meantime, a thunderbolt news is that Arjun is acting as a full-fledged villain in the film of Karthik’s son Gautham, which is directed by Manirathnam. It is to be noted that Arjun had already acted in a seemingly villainous role in Mankatta.

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