Kamal, Rajini speak on release event of book about P Chidambaram

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Tuesday, Jan 01, 2013

Kamal, Rajini speak on release event of book about P Chidambaram

A compilation about Central Finance Minister P Chidambaram titled ‘P Chidambaram Oru Paarvai’ has been released.  The book release event was held in Kamarajar Hall yesterday.  Rajinikanth spoke on the event.  Then Rajinikanth said:-

‘In a festival held several years back in the same stage, they said that I should talk two lines about P Chidambaram.  I said that I cannot talk just two lines about him, and that I should speak 10 lines about him.  Now the time has come to speak those 10 lines.’

‘When Central Minister P Chidambaram speaks in Tamil, he does not use even a single English word.  As he speaks in English, Tamil words do not take place.  He is fluent in both Tamil and English.  But when I speak here, my communication is mixed with both Tamil and English.’

‘During participation in event held in Delhi, P Chidambaram, who was then the Internal Affairs Minister, participated so as to present me an entertainment award.  I cannot forget the event.’

‘Presently, younger generation and the youth in our country have started raising protest against several issues.  The government knows the consequences very much.  If necessary measures are not taken upon those issues, it would endanger the country.  The government knows that it would cause revolution in the country.  P Chidambaram asked me why I am not into politics.  If I enter politics, my route would be unique.’

Actor Kamal Haasan spoke on the event:-

‘Although it is said that finance minister who is at the top should step down, he sits opposite to the stage among the audience.  Do not ask him to step down any further.  Man should climb the ladder of fame and not step down.’

‘Since I do not know politics, I am fan to many who are beyond politics.  There is article by 70 people about the finance minister in this book. But he needs to do more. He needs to accomplish.  Events should be conducted for that.  I should have chance to participate.’

‘During times of need, there have been people who know law and understand the economical condition.  So, although there have been hassles, we are strong because they are strong.  Since the Finance Minister has good name, he would get added responsibilities, they say.  I too desire that he gets added responsibilities.  I have the right to speak on that.  Fulfil my desire.  My desire should be among that surge of happiness.’

Lyricist Vairamuthu spoke on the event:-

‘Finance Minister P Chidambaram, out of education he received and the position he attained, has done many services to the uplift of the society.  It is not alone a boon to hold the position, but also a pain.’

‘Particularly, western countries allocate a budget of Rs 86 crore for 8 crore people.  But in our country, for a population of 121 crores, we allocate budget of Rs 17 lakh cores.  This feat is performed by our Finance Minister.’

‘We observed 2 minutes of silence in this meeting as homage to the girl from our country upon whom a heinous crime was meted out.  Even if media does not create awareness with regard to this, media should stay away from instigating such crime.  Through cooperation from artistes, such atrocities would be prevented in future.’

‘We realize that very less Tamils raise voice in Delhi.  But Chidambaram proves that he is there as one among Tamils.  Long live our Chidambaram’ said Vairamuthu.

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