Kamal speaks from his heart

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Thursday, Jul 02, 2015

Kamal speaks from his heart

With the helmet rule becoming compulsory, Kamala Haasan ahead of his Friday release, Papanasam said that rule to wear helmet should not be thought as a draconian law, there are so many other laws which are draconian and people should not oppose this law.

For being criticized earlier for not following the same in his new movie Papanasam, Kamal said, 'I have people standing next to me, who are ready to catch me if I fall, the same is not the case on roads. If Superman jumps from a building, we still take the stairs. People should not blindly follow what's there in movies.'

When asked If strict punishments should be given for cases regarding sexual harassment the superstar said, 'I am against capital punishment and even life term, there should be self-regulation within the public.'

On why he took up the Papanasam project even though it was made in three other languages, Kamala said, 'I didn't go after the movie, they asked me. It was good subject so I thought I should bring it to the people of Tamilnadu.'

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