Seeman as CBCID officer in Kandupidi Kandupidi

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Sunday, Mar 04, 2012

Seeman as CBCID officer in Kandupidi Kandupidi

Kandupidi Kandupidi is the upcoming film of director  actor Seeman, Murali, Aishwarya Devan and others.

The makers of the movie strongly argue it as a unique one as it deals with CBCID police ventures and strongly believe that the respect and outlook of the CBCID police department would be entirely different after movie's release.

According to director Ram Subaraman and producers Kalki siva and Mayandi kudumpathaar fame shamu sivaraj, the movie has shaped up well and would be a gripping one.

Seeman plays the role of a CBCID officer who investigates the mysterious incidents that unfold after the marriage between  Murali and Aishwarya Devan.

According to the film's unit, Seeman has done a great job and will be seen as a  more efficient actor after the release of the movie.

The filmmakers have also tried to bring in the idea of green revolution. Screenplay and dialogues have been formed in such a way that it insists the importance of green revolution. This is evident from the scene in which Murali and Aishwarya after their marriage hand over plant saplings as souvenir or gift in contrary to the traditional and long followed culture of handing over memontos.

Seems like an interesting movie, let us wait and see!

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