Kaniha disturbed by the rituals

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Saturday, Mar 07, 2015

Kaniha disturbed by the rituals

Kaniha is currently busy working with SureshGopi for the film ‘Rudhra Simha’. Recently there was a shot in which she has to go to temple to offer prayers.

It was shot in a temple where she was disturbed by the rituals followed in the temple and has posted a message in her Facebook page that, “While shooting in a location close to a temple today I was very disturbed by the rituals followed in that temple...

almost every hour either a goat or a chicken gets beheaded and is offered to the deity...

the cry of those helpless animals filled the place...this is a practice I am told that is being followed for many years and in various other temples... I am a believer in God whom I believe is the creator of life..

why do they sacrifice yet another life as an offering to Him? There must be a reasonable amount of rationale to anything we do...I fail to understand the reasoning behind this...isn't this animal cruelty??

I couldn't do anything to stop them..I'm glad I have y'all to whom I can vent out my feelings...”.

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