Kannada actor Vijay does movie ‘Rajinikanth’

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Thursday, Feb 28, 2013

Kannada actor Vijay does movie ‘Rajinikanth’

In Kannada, they are making movie titled ‘Rajinikanth’.  Kannada actor Vijay does hero for the movie.  Anitha Rao is heroine.  Pradeep Raj directs the movie. 

Below the title Rajinikanth, they have included name ‘Super Star’.  But the movie is not about Rajinikanth.  The heroine’s name is Rajini and hero’s name is Kanth.  They have combined both the names and titled the movie ‘Rajinikanth’. 

They further added...

‘The name of producer Prasad’s mother is Rajini and father’s name is Kanth.’

Kannada actor Vijay said ‘My all time favourite is Rajini.  I am proud of doing movie bearing title which has his name.  After completion of the movie schedules, we would screen it for Rajini and receive his blessings’

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