Khushboo champions Chinmayi’s cause

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Friday, Oct 26, 2012

Khushboo champions Chinmayi’s cause

Singer Chinmayi became famous through the song “Deivam Thantha Poove” of “Kannathil Muttham Ittal”. She had already filed a complaint to the police.

The issue is that Chinmayi faced sex tortures through Twitter. The culprits had portrayed her pictures in a vulgar manner and had released them. Vulgar opinions were also posted about Chinmayi’s aged mother. Chinmayi filed a complaint to the Police Commissioner. She had mentioned in her petition that those who had given her sex torture should be found and punished. The police have registered the case and are enquiring.

Rajan and Saravanakumar, who work in the Collector’s office in Tirupur are arrested for giving torture to Chinmayi. Chinmayi had said that women who are affected by such things should come forward to complain to the police. Actress Khushboo supported Chinmayi’s cause. Khushboo had said that those who think of degrading women must have come from such families. She also added that the action taken by Chinmayee is correct.

Director Selvaraghavan said that the action taken by police against those who degrade women through Internet is commendable. He also added that Chinmayee had acted in a brave manner.

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