King of Controversies Ramgopal Verma

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Tuesday, Nov 15, 2011

King of Controversies Ramgopal Verma

RamGopal Verma, the ‘King of Controversies’ has commented that blue films are his  precious possession.

It looks like ‘Controversy’ is the other name of Ramgopal Verma.

This is not just a passing remark. There is a reason for why we told this. For instance, in Baadshah Nagma, in a song, adores the gait, smile, and the speech of Rajini. But the gait, smile and speech of Ramgopal Verma seem to trigger of controversies.

Recently he has given an interview to the media people. When asked about his precious possession he has said without second thought that it is his collection of blue films. This has surprised everybody.

Whatever may be the comment from cine people, the man doesn’t seem to worry about it. He says that he will be what he is irrespective of what people say.

‘I do not worry about other people. I love taking films very much.  Sometimes people need to digest it. I love spending every minute of my life listening to music, directing movies, and watching a beautiful damsel.’

He says that is  his indifference to what people say that irritates them.

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