Kochadaiyaan to be dubbed in Japanese?

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Tuesday, Mar 13, 2012

Kochadaiyaan to be dubbed in Japanese?

It is a well known fact that superstar Rajinikanth has a large Japanese fan-base after his "Muthu" which was released in 1998 with a desi Japanese name "Odoru Maharaja" became a super-duper hit in Japan.

Rajini's films, from Muthu to Chandramukhi were released in Japan with Japanese sub-titles. But after that no films of Rajini, including his sci-fi "Enthiran" did not release in Japan.

This sad state of affair was aptly pointed out by Noriko Inagaki, the first member of the official Rajinikanth Fan Club in Tokyo.

She, only in the recent past, wrote in a famous English newspaper based in Delhi that she was forced to think that Japan was not in the "world" every time she read about the "world release" of a new Rajini film.

Her tactic seems to have worked and the producers of "Kochadaiyaan" have decided to dub the film in Japanese as well.

According to circles close to the producers, makers of the movie are trying to get the superstar Rajini and Deepika Padukone to dub their own portions in Japanese.

However, if the lead pair can't speak the Japanese language, the film will be dubbed and released in Japan simultaneously. 

When contacted by a Tamil website which mostly writes about Rajini, the film's producer Dr Murli Manohar neither denied the news as rumour nor admitted it as true and seemed to have said he would let them know when things were decided.

Good news for Japan fans....

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