Kushbu assails the press through comments in Twitter

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Saturday, Feb 16, 2013

Kushbu assails the press through comments in Twitter

Interview with controversial comment regarding politics by actress Kushbu was released in popular magazine recently.  Subsequently there was attack upon Kushbu’s residence and also upon her.  Also, the DMK Head intervened and released statement to solve the issue. 

But, there is still a cold war between Kushbu and the press.  Today, it has taken a new form. 

Kushbu had commented ‘Why should I comment for all that you have written... if you think that I would react, then you do not know about Kushbu.’

On the contrary, Kushbu reacted today.  She has reacted strongly with unparliamentary words. 

Yes... Kushbu used very strong words and tweeted: -

‘Just because I am silent, it does not mean that I am felled.  It is the calm before the storm.  Those reporters who make degrading remarks should be prepared for repercussions.’

What Kushbu said next is one which paves way for a great tumult. 

‘These spineless men... why do not they write about the business that their women do and which they also know very well...?’

Kushbu did not drop it there and then... she continued...

‘These lowly people are like brokers for flesh trade... They earn by selling women... this is nothing new for these people who sell women from their own family...

Only Kushbu and the concerned reporters know who she is speaking about...

Even those close to Kushbu would not have expected that she would make such blatant remarks... It need not be told as to what size and proportion the repercussions are to have.   Soon, answers to her comments are to pour in... Let us see...

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