Lakshmi Ramakrishnan’s ‘Aarohanam’ receives appreciation during audio release

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Thursday, Jun 21, 2012

Lakshmi Ramakrishnan’s ‘Aarohanam’ receives appreciation during audio release

‘Once Tamil movies were treated regional movies.  Now the whole world appreciates Tamil cinemas’, said director K Balachander.

Movie ‘Aarohanam’ is a debutant directorial venture by popular actress Lakshmi Ramakrisnan.  The movie, which stars Viji Chandrasekar, Marimuthu, Uma and several others is a production by ‘Anoop International’.  The production unit has taken many movies in Malayalam. The movie is to be released by JSK Films.

The audio release for the movie was held in Prasad Lab theatre on Tuesday in Chennai.

Director K Balachander headed the event.  KS Sethumadhavan, veteran director who has received many awards participated as special guest.

Many celebrities as director Mishkin, Vasanth, Pandiraj, Eram Arivazhagan, producer T Siva, actor ‘Thalaivasal’ Vijay, playback singer Chinmayi, Viji, heroine for the movie, Vadivukkarasi, actress Chachu, actor ARS and several others participated.

Director K Balachander spoke on the event ‘I viewed Lakshmi’s ‘AarohaNam’.  The movie is a neat and impeccable make. ‘

‘I took many movies those days.  The story of this movie bears semblance to my movies.  But I did not use scientific words as is being used in this movie.  I did not know that.’

‘They related to me the budget of the movie.  I was surprised.  The movie ‘AarohaNam’ turned an inspiration to me since the budget was within affordable limits.’

‘Long back, Tamil movies were treated as just regional movies.  But now, whole world celebrates Tamil cinemas.  Wherever I go, they appreciate Tamil movies.  This movie is lauded by the whole world.  The story and the way it has been related is wonderful.’

‘Another thing, the movie is just for 1 ½ hours.  It is good.  I am already old.  I am not able to sit at a stretch.  During many scenes, I squirm and fidget.  This movie does not make me do so.’

‘The songs and music composition are good.  I like one song in particular.’

‘I wish Lakshmi Ramakrishnan and desire that she does many such movies.’

‘I introduced Viji (Sarita’s sister), the actress for this movie.  I introduced her in ‘Thillu Mullu’.  As I watched her I felt like I am seeing Saritha. She has done very well.  This is another beginning for her.  I wish her all the best.’

Sethumadhavan, who has given many successful movies, spoke ‘I have taken small budget movies.  It is not the budget which determines the popularity for the movie.  It lies in the story, and the way it is related.  Movie ‘Aarohanam’ adheres to international standards.’

‘Long time back, songs, locations and entertainment used to be important features of Tamil movies.  There would not be much stress upon quality, they used to say.  But this movie has proved all those false.   Delivery and cinematizing technique are good.  I wish the movie yields huge collection and receives awards.’

Director Vasanth said ‘Lakshmi Ramakrishnan bears the credit of first female director to give a successful movie.’

Mishkin spoke ‘Lakshmi Ramakrishnan loves her acting and profession.  One cannot come across person with dedication has hers.  Nadhia was to do my ‘Yudhdham Sei’.  But since the movie required her to tonsure her head, she asked for dupe.  I came back.  I asked Lakshmi whether she could tonsure her head.  She conceded and did the role.’

‘It is not something usual for a woman to tonsure the head.  It might have happened very long time back.  But in truth, nobody would sacrifice the hair which has grown for nearly 30 years.  I thank Lakshmi for agreeing to tonsure her head.  She would  be showered with all success.’

Lakshmi Ramakrishnan during thanksgiving speech said ‘I thank everybody for appreciating this amateurish effort.  Although I am ignorant of many things I desire doing movies further. I will progress through the same ignorance I have.’

‘All those who did this movie cooperated well.  Many did not receive salary.’

The audio CD was released by director K Balachander and KS Sethumadhavan.  Director Mishkin and Arivazhagan received those.

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