Late Manivannan, an individual with unquenched thirst for Tamil

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Monday, Jun 17, 2013

Late Manivannan, an individual with unquenched thirst for Tamil

Late Manivannan had been a Tamil activist who stressed that field of arts relates to social aspects and that it should not be used for earning money alone.  Thus, Manivannan proved his love for Tamil. 

Manivannan was a multifaceted artiste and was a director, actor, Tamil activist, and politician.  Now, Manivannan is no more with us. 

Day before yesterday, Manivannan, aged 58, passed away following a cardiac arrest. Manivannan’s sudden demise has plunged his fans into a state of shock. 

Manivannan debuted into cine field as assistant director to Bharathiraja.  Also, Manivannan penned dialogues for Bharathiraja’s hit movies as ‘Alaigal Oivathillai’, and ‘Kaadhal Oviyam’.  Tamil movie ‘Gopurangal Saivathillai’ was Manivannan’s first directorial venture.  Movie ‘Nooravathu Naal’ identified Manivannan as director of thriller movie. 

‘Chinna Thambi Periya Thambi’, which starred Prabhu and Sathyaraj was a family entertainer intertwined with comedy.  Tamil movie ‘Amaidhi Padai’ proved a milestone in Manivannan’s cine career.  The story is about how Sathyaraj rises from rags to riches and turns a politician.  Manivannan chiselled Sathyaraj’s character in ‘Amaidhi Padai’.  The political satires which occurred in the movie could be relished till date.’ 

In the movie, Manivannan addresses Sathyaraj. 

‘When there are people in politics who do not know how to laugh, what shortcoming have you got....? You speak well. Enter politics.’ The dialogue centred the then political bighead. 

Also, the scene which shows Sathyaraj deceiving the heroine Kasturi and having relationship with her turned popular.  Thus, Manivannan proved himself as a good director.  He had done comedy roles and character roles in movies.  Also, his role in movie ‘Avvai Shanmugi’ is unforgettable.

In movie Maayaandi Kudumbathaar released few years back, Manivannan enacted role of father of four sons.  Manivannan, who was ruling Tamil cinema for more than 30 years, started off his life an office boy in a producer’s office.   Hard work and unrelenting effort took him to heights of fame.  Manivannan was known for his blatant remarks, and was used to pointing it out when somebody does a mistake.  These features pulled him into politics.

When the MDMK political party was formed, he took up political journey with Vaiko.  But, he did not join in any particular political party.  As director Seeman formed the ‘Naam Thamizhar’ party, Manivannan joined the party.  Also, he participated in campaigns supporting Eelam Tamils. 
As one happens to hear of Manivannan’s demise, he is reminded of Manivannan’s first movie ‘Gopurangal Saaivathillai’.

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