Lavish spending for Film Festival in Chennai angers the masses

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Tuesday, Sep 24, 2013

Lavish spending for Film Festival in Chennai angers the masses

With regard to cine professionals, one would feel that they are a puzzle… With regard to people, one needs to feel sorry for their plight. 

The Centenary Celebrations of Indian Cinema commenced in Chennai the last September 24th.  The event is being held pompously, and the venue of celebrations bears a festive look.  But, the present Tamil Nadu Government has earned the wrath of people by lavishly spending amount of Rs 10 crore for the event. 
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Let us keep that aside… Schedules with regard to cinema were suspended following Centenary Celebrations of Indian Cinema.  Order has been issued that no movie schedule should be held during time of celebrations. 

Following the development, about 25, 000 film employees from about 23 film associations are without work.  For about 10 days, workers incur a loss of about Rs 10 crore. 

‘Like with other professions, film employees do not have work throughout the month. They work for about ten to twenty days in a month.  Only through the amount, they need to eke out living during time when they do not have job. 

If work had been suspended for two days, film employees would have managed.  But, government issued order such that there is no work for about a week. Those who assist in cooking, light men, and production assistants are going without basic amenities. 
Since the event is supported by the government, nobody has the guts to raise question.  So, we are silently crying’, said a noted icon from FEFSI association. 

About 25, 000 workers are without job, and are suffering. At the same time, last night, actors and actresses participated in a huge banquet held in Five Star Hotel in Chennai.  The cost of single plate of food was Rs 4000 inclusive of service tax.  It was people’s money that they spent lavishly. 

As one observes the proceedings, he or she needs to feel sorry for the masses.

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