Lingaa audio launch – hard work behind the fast release

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Monday, Nov 17, 2014

Lingaa audio launch – hard work behind the fast release

On Sunday, Lingaa’s audio was released. Rajinikanth, director, K.S. Ravi Kumar, female leads Anushka Shetty and Sonakshi Sinha were present at Sathyam Cinemas. Oscar winner, A.R. Rahman, who composed the music, was not present. Instead, a video where he spoke about the film was screened for the fans.

While talking about the film Rajinikanth said that he had agreed to do the film on one condition. “I told K.S. Ravi Kumar that he had to guarantee that the film could be released within this year.

I did not want to do another film which was going to take 2-3 years to shoot.”He added that fans have been waiting for a live action film after Kochadaiyaan, which was created using motion-capture technology.

Explaining the delay after Enthiran, he said, “After I recovered, I wanted to announce another film only after the release of Kochadaiiyaan. It was a film that was not getting released and I had to make sure it got a release,” he said.

Director K.S. Ravi Kumar said that the entire crew worked without a break for six months from May. “We all had to work on a tight schedule and clear deadlines without a break.

Even A.R. Rahman, who was working on multiple projects, took it up as a challenge to deliver the tunes on a deadline. Finishing a film like this in a short span of time is impossible,” he said.

Mr. Rajinikanth added, “We wanted to prove to the industry that a period film could be finished in such a short span of time. This was possible only because of K.S. Ravi Kumar.”

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