Lingaa issue started again

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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Lingaa issue started again

We all know that Rajinikanth’s Lingaa caused a huge loss to the distributors and they even announced ‘begging bowl’ protest in front of Rajini’s house.

Later with series of talks, the issue was amicably settled as Rajini agreed to settle Rs 12.5 crores out of the total loss amount of Rs 
33 crores.

Now sources say that only partial amount has been settled so far and only distributors like Singaravelan who spearheaded the protest campaign only have got their settlement.

On May 26, the rest of the distributors met the media and reveal the details on behind the stage talks 
happened during Lingaa settlement.

Distributors have requested Rajini to involve in this issue and settle the remaining 6.5crores without fail otherwise the distributors council is planning to give a ‘Red card’ to Rajinikanth and 
his films.

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