Looking back at movies of 2011

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Friday, Dec 30, 2011

Looking back at movies of 2011

There is nothing mentionable for cine world in 2011.  The impact of Rajini starrer ‘Enthiran’ released in 2010 continued in the box office till quarter year past 2011. Since the official record for the movie in box office amounted to Rs. 375 crore leaving everybody gaping, there were huge expectations about commercial viability of other movies.  

But it is a pity that other movies did not touch even quarter of the expectation.  But a comedy was staged due to other movies being compared equally or more than ‘Enthiran’ in advertisements.

There is no way in Kollywood to know true box office records as in Hollywood.  Many adhere to the trend of declaring the movie as a profitable venture even if it is a loss. Also, many movies are screened adamantly for preserving prestige.

Beyond all these there are some really successful flicks which have been listed here.


‘Mangaatha’ is a movie in which a whole hoard of stars as Ajith, Arjun, Trisha, Lakshmi Rai and Premji has acted.  This movie directed by Venkat Prabhu can be treated the successful flick of the year.  ‘Mangaatha’ is the only film which recorded Rs. 100 crore in the box office in 2011. 

But it is mentionable that this an unofficial and baseless information released by the producer.  The reason for the tremendous victory of the movie is the participation of Ajith and Yuvan Shankar Raja.  Also, the direction of Venkatprabhu which makes one overlook the flaws is one reason.


It is a small budget film but gained tremendous profit both in Tamil and Telugu.  This is a ghost movie which does not have any big star value, settings or expenditures.  Raghava Lawrence has again proved that he is a talented director.

Engeyum Eppodhum

This is a movie which has hit a jackpot unexpectedly.  In spite of casting actors who do not have big market, the movie gained prominence due to the association of AR Murgadoss and Star Box companies

The movie turned a successful flick due to good story and different screenplay.  The investment was small but the profit the movie earned was huge.  It is noteworthy that the movie has crossed the 100 day mark.


This movie casts Jeeva and Karthika.  This is a movie which gave both a life.  There are umpteen flaws in the movie which has fourth estate as the storyline. But since the scenes were taken one after another interestingly, fans were able to overlooks the flaws.

Deiva Thirumagal

It is yet another successful contribution from AL Vijay and the movie stars Vikram, Anushka, Santhanam and Amala Paul.  Although this is a remake of a Hollywood movie, audiences were able to overlook it due to Vikram’s impeccable delivery .

Beyond Vikram Santhanam, Anushka and the beautiful child Baby Sara are the plus for the movie.

7aum Arivu

This is the much expected movie of the year.  The reason for this is the talented youth AR Murugadoss who gave successful flicks as ‘Ramana’ and ‘Gajini’.  But it still remains a question as to whether the movie satisfied the expectations.

The negative criticisms for the movie are not few.  But this is a movie much needed for Tamil audience.  The advertisements for the movie were aplenty, thanks to producer Udhayanidhi Stalin.  The producer is satisfied with the box office record.  ‘7aum Arivu’ has taken its place in the 2011 hits.


Vijay who encountered many failures had small satisfaction with ‘Kavalan’, and was fully compensated with the success of ‘Velayudham’.  This movie is a different version of the movie ‘Thirupaachi’.  Although the movie is average the participation of stars as Santhanam, Hansika and Genilia contributed to the success of this venture.  The box office record was satisfying.

Avan Ivan

One might raise the question as to why this movie which did not run the expected days is taking place in this list.  The success is not in number of days but in box office record. 

This movie gave a good name to Vishal. Producer Kalpathi Agoram earned a huge profit out of the movie.  Particularly the Telugu version earned as much as Rs. 17 crore.  But the true loss is for Bala not of money but of good name which he earned so far.


Kavalan put a full stop to the subsequent failures Vijay had.  Although it is an average flick, this gave profit to the producer and distributors.  Vadivelu is a big plus for the movie.  It is noteworthy that Vijay has at last really acted in the movie.


This is a movie which earned national award for Dhanush.  This movie produced by Sun Pictures earned several other national accolades.  This movie made the Tamil Cinema turn back due to the accolades heaped upon the movie.  But the collection is average.

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