'Low-budget, but rich return'

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Sunday, Aug 28, 2016

'Low-budget, but rich return'

Madhuraj is a happy man in Kollywood today. He had purchased the dubbing rights of Ramgopal Verma's Telugu flick Ice Cream and  released it as Chocobar in Tamil.The movie was made at a cost of less than Rs three lakh and was shot in just five days.

Says Madhuran, 'We released the film last Friday and the same day we managed to make some profits. The investment was less but returns high'.He says that it was his attempt he wanted show to aspiring filmmakers that a standard film can be made at a low cost.

 He says, 'Initially, RGV refused to part with Tamil dubbing rights as he felt that Tamil audiences would not understand his movies. I was stubborn and got the rights'.The movie stars Navdeep and Tejaswi Madivada in the lead roles. 

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