Lyricist Snehan’s address turns highlight in audio launch for movie

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Thursday, Nov 29, 2012

Lyricist Snehan’s address turns highlight in audio launch for movie

Audio Launch for movie ‘NaNbargaL GavanaththiRku’ was held in Prasad Lab Theater in Chennai yesterday morning.  Lyricist Snehan’s address proved the highlight of the audio launch event.

Snehan has won the title of ILaiya KaviPerarasu. But Snehan commented that he did not request for the title.  Also, Snehan said that he does not believe in titles and national awards.  Also, Snehan added that there is political intervention with regard to national awards. 

Further, Snehan spoke:-

‘I wrote lyrics for six numbers in the movie within 24 hours.  They sent me invitation for the audio launch day before yesterday at around 11 pm.  As I saw the title given to me in the invitation, I lost my sleep.  In the invitation, they had given me the title ‘ILaiya KaviPerarasu’.’

‘For sure, I did not ask for the title.  Out of exceeding love for me, the movie team has given me the title.’

‘The press people here may doubt why I am demanding such titles.  But I do not desire titles.  So far, I have received 16 titles.  But, I have so far not placed demand with directors that such title be used.’

‘I have worked as assistant to Lyricist Vairamuthu.  But that does not mean that I am equal to Vairamuthu.  My heights are different… his heights are different… His path is different… My path is different.  At the same time I do not go for awards.  Initially two of my songs were chosen for national award.  Then overnight, for political reasons, national award was denied for those songs.’

‘National award was not given to number VeLLaavi Vechchuththaan VeLuththaaiyngaLaa… But national award was given to the director, cameraman, and actor for the movie.  What mistake did the lyricist do?  That is why I blatantly say that I do not want national ward. Also, I would not accept national award if given to me in the future.  I do not desire to accept national award given by someone sitting in an AC room.’

‘I do not need title.  I do not desire that.  I have just one desire.  I desire writing about 10 songs before death.  Until my lifetime, I like being called a good person.  I do not desire anything else’ said Snehan.

In the audio launch, director RV Udhayakumar released the audio CD and actor Thalaivaasal Vijay and producer council head PL Thenappan, along with other noted cine icons received the audio CD.

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