Maatraan or Maatran release date officially announced

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Saturday, Aug 25, 2012

Maatraan or Maatran release date officially announced

The release date for Suriya Starrer ‘MaatRaan’ has been announced.

Movie ‘MaatRaan’ is production by AGS Entertainment and is direction by KV Anand.  In the movie, Suriya plays role of Siamese twins.  Kajal Agarwal pairs up with Suriya for the movie.

Suriya emerges in two characters named Ezhilan and Vimalan who are conjoined twins.  One is a disciplined person who reads books as ThirukKuraL and other is a hedonist going for bars and clubs. 

Action scenes have been taken with help of stunt artistes.  Also, advanced techniques have been used.  Also, there is a vital social issue underlined in the movie.  The movie has features as love, romance, adventure and comedy. Also, director KV Anand had already mentioned that Suriya took strenuous efforts and changed to one among the two roles 5000 times.

It has been officially announced that the movie would be released the coming October 12th.  Kamal Haasan’s ‘Viswaroopam’ is to be released the same month. 

Fans have to wait till October to know which among these movies would evoke more response.

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