Madhan no more holds position in ‘Ananda Vikatan’ magazine

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Friday, May 18, 2012

Madhan no more holds position in ‘Ananda Vikatan’ magazine

Madhan, cartoonist for ‘Ananda Vikatan’, who was responsible for question and answer page in ‘Ananda Vikatan’, has been eliminated from responsibility in the magazine.

Madhan has worked for ‘Ananda Vikatan’ for more than 30 years.  He entered the magazine as a cartoonist and was associate editor for the magazine when S Balasubramanian was the head. 

Madhan’s stories and question and answer section in the magazine promoted him to the position of writer for the magazine.

But, at a stage, Madhan made move towards working in various other places.  He was compeer for Vijay TV which was then under management of Vijay Malliah.  Further, he started writing dialogues for cinemas. 

As trouble started brewing between Vikatan and Madhan, Madhan separated through amicable ‘golden handshake’. 

But Vikatan announced that the question and answer section in the magazine will continue to have Madhan.  Until the last edition, the sections were taking place.  There are special readers for this section.

Recently, a photograph which occurred in the Question and Answer section on 2.5.2012 editionn has proved the reason for elimination of Madhan.

The question and Madhan’s answer for that:

Question:  History does not have cases of living things prostrating before the other.  But why man proves an exception? Who started off this?

Answer: It is the Stone age man.  Suddenly, there is a bomb blast in the street.  Everybody lies flat.  The reason is that, danger is lesser then.  Even the Stone Age man used to lie down when there is thunderbolt and lightning.   Also, he prostrated before the sun requesting not to harm him in anyway.  Also, there was trend of prostrating before rulers and now before political leaders. 

Suiting the answer, there was photograph of a minister prostrating before Jayalalithaa.  Protesting this photograph, Madhan sent a letter to Vikatan management.   

In that he mentioned ‘You know that my answers in Question and Answer section in ‘Vikatan’ is all about general knowledge.  Thousands of readers send questions regarding history, science, medicine, anthropology and zoology.  I do not cover politics and cinema.’

‘In the 2.5.2012 edition, for a question about prostrating before the other which comes under anthropology, I explained how Stone Age man started off the trend.  But for that, a photograph of a person prostrating before Jayalalithaa was published.  This gives me tremendous shock and pain.  My answer was all but explanation for tradition in Stone Age.  It is not about any individual.’

‘In Jaya TV I am doing cine reviews.  Would they not mistake that I am reason for the publishing of photograph? If Jaya TV management demands explanation, would I not be pushed to the tight corner of giving explanation of the background?  Only you should contemplate as to whether it is appropriate to give me such a difficulty, myself being employee in Vikatan for thirty years.’

‘I request you to contemplate whether it befits you to put me into a tight corner of requesting appointment with the Chief Minister, and explaining the mistake which happened.’

In his letter Madhan added ‘In forthcoming editions, if somebody explains that I am not responsible for the photograph, justice would be done.  I believe you will do that in forthcoming editions. 

Vikatan’s drastic reply to Madhan’s question…

Here is the answer by author of Vikatan. 

‘The letter Madhan has written show that of late, Madhan is in unavoidable tight corner and compulsions’ 

‘Already, in ‘Hai Madhan’ section, we published photographs such that there is no direct written answer to the question, and the answer is such that there are interesting photographs which prove self-explanatory.  But then, he did not resent those.’ 

‘Also, as readers, you know that Madhan has been giving replies to questions about politics and cinema.  The reason for his change of stand is obvious in his letter.’

There is no middle position…

‘When considering all these, we understand that he cannot take up middle position and handle the Question and Answer section and also cartoon page.  Avoiding comments about particular group and also avoiding photographs would prove betrayal of trust towards readers.’ 

Vikatan editor has commented ‘From editions henceforth, Madhan’s Question and Answer and also Madhan’s cartoons would not take place.’

Following this, Madhan, who has been working for the magazine, has been eliminated from his position.

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