Maiem audio launched by Kamal

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Friday, Aug 21, 2015

Maiem audio launched by Kamal

The audio of Maiem, along with the trailer was released by Kamal Haasan and received by actress Gautami. A maiden production venture of artist A P SReethar, 'Maiem can be defined as a mocktail that combines elements of romance, comedy with claustrophobic thrill. 

A crowbar, a bottle of booze, a chicken 'leg piece' , 3 ATM cards, 3 water packets 4 men and 3 women - these are, simply put, the components that come together to create this two-hour visual journey.

The film is unique in several terms, one highlight being the introduction of 27 new technicians to the industry - the director, assistant directors, editor, cinematographer, art director, stunt master,  choreographer, song music composer, to name a few. 

What makes it even more special is that 12 members of this crew including the Director are currently pursuing their college education, making Maiem the first of its kind.

Te story and screenplay, penned by artist A P Shreethar, who is also the producer of this film, takes viewers through a compelling scenario, of two groups trapped in parallel rooms, unable to see through to the other room, communicating only by their voices.

This attempt too, is the first of its kind in Tamil cinema. Robo Shankar’s performance as a lone man trapped in his quarters is one definitely mom trapped in his garters is one definitely to watch out for, as he has tapped into the depths of his talents to keep us entertained for a solo screen time of almost 45 minutes. 

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