Mani Ratnam’s buildup for movie ‘Kadal’

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Friday, Dec 07, 2012

Mani Ratnam’s buildup for movie ‘Kadal’

Director Mani Ratnam, who is currently doing movie Kadal, seems to be giving much buildup for the movie. 

Director Mani Ratnam is currently directing movie Kadal.  Karthik’s son Gautam does hero for the movie. Radha’s daughter Tulasi does heroine.  The movie Kadal has the story centering instances happening by the seashore.  If it is to be a movie by Mani Ratnam, there is huge anticipation. 

Until the movie is released, Rajini keeps the information regarding movie as a secret.  He follows that for movie Kadal also.  For the movie, Mani Ratnam has gone one step ahead and has not revealed even the face of the actors in the movie. 

For both Gautam and Tulasi, the movie is a debutant venture.  That is the reason for the secret being maintained.  Two days back, Mani Ratnam released the first look for the movie.  In the first look, one could not even see Gautam’s face.  Due to this, there is prevalent anticipation regarding how Gautam appears. 

In a development, Mani Ratnam has broken the suspense.  He has shown the face of Gautam saying it is the first look.  But the face is not clearly shown.  It seems Mani Ratnam would show Gautam’s face very slowly.  Along with you, we anticipate that at least in the next photograph Gautam’s face is shown clearly.

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