Manisha Koirala to write autobiography

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Saturday, Jan 12, 2013

Manisha Koirala to write autobiography

Manisha Koirala, who is receiving treatment for cancer is to write autobiography.  Actress Manisha Koirala fainted two months back following which she was rushed to hospital.  Manisha was diagnosed of having cancer.  Following that, Manisha Koirala is receiving treatment in hospital in New York. 

As the cancer had spread in her womb, surgery was carried out.  Also, she is being given chemotherapy treatment.  Manisha Koirala is immersed in reading of spiritual books during leisure.  Manisha has decided writing autobiography.  Manisha Koirala spoke:-

‘I am receiving treatment that I could afford.  God would decide the end.  There is peace around me.  This has taught me a lot.  As I indulge in spirituality, I realize that nothing is permanent.  Now, I am experiencing that.  I do not know whether this is a curse or my mistake. But it is real.’

‘This has taken me to a different plane of thinking.  So as to understand the truth in this, I am to write down my thoughts.  I would write about the influence of the disease.  This would turn out my autobiography.  The time for that has come.  There is yet lot to achieve’ said Manisha Koirala.

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