Manivannan’s fiery speech during audio launch of his movie

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Monday, Apr 01, 2013

Manivannan’s fiery speech during audio launch of his movie

Manivannan has been a successful director and actor for the last thirty years.  Manivannan is directing sequel to movie ‘Amaidhi Padai’, released in 1994, and which turned a huge hit.  The sequel to the movie is titled ‘Nagaraja Cholan MA MLA’.  The movie is his 50th directorial venture. 

The audio launch and trailer release of the movie was held in Green Park Hotel, Chennai, on Sunday evening.  Many people gathered for the event. 

Manivannan’s address turned highlight of the event.


Manivannan spoke: -

‘Bharathiraja never thought that I would turn a director.  He feels that there is no better director than him.  Then how would he recommend for us?

Once, Music Maestro Ilayaraja introduced me to producer Kalaimani and recommended that I be a director for his movie.  He got me the chance to direct movie ‘Gopurangal Saaivathillai’.  I am a director because of Ilayaraja.  But, I am not able to make use of him for the movie.  The reason is budget.  Budget allocation for my movie did not give place to that.  I have made use of James Vasanthan. 

They say that sequel to Amaidhipadai centres politics.  Yes... this is movie centring politics.  We have not assailed any particular political leader, but we relate the contemporary politics.  The dialogues are also like that. 

We have taken the sequel to ‘Amaidhi Padai’ after gap of 20 years.  The change in Sathyaraj’s face and gait within these 20 years is known only to two people.  One is his wife, and another is me.  I and Sathyaraj are like husband and wife.  As he is doing this role, I forget to say ‘Cut’ and am spellbound by his delivery. 

I am not afraid of threat arising out of criticising politics and politicians.  There is nothing to lose.  My only concern is that, if I lose my life, it is because of these useless politicians. 

If any such thing happens, I request Seeman to cover me with the flag and take it for cremation. 

But, even if one stone is pelted upon my house, there would be situation such that not one politician could make address on stage. 

Moreover, there are many among media.  I have not known many faces of media. For politicians, they cannot be satisfied if their name does not hit headlines in newspaper.  But we are not making any such requests... Write about me.... release rumours... but nobody would believe it’, said Manivannan.

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