‘Mankatha’ villain Ravikumar cornered by assailants and murdered

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Monday, May 28, 2012

‘Mankatha’ villain Ravikumar cornered by assailants and murdered

Ravikumar, an actor, played a villain in Ajit Starrer ‘Mankatha’.  He was murdered by a group near Chennai. Also, Ravikumar has starred in ‘Vishal Starrer ‘Vallakottai’.  He also has done a few television serials.

Ravikumar hails from Erukkanchery, Chennai.  Rajkumar, from the same place is his friend.  Raviumar used to meet his friend often.  Rajkumar is a moneylender.  People in that locality seem to have cheated Rajkumar without paying their due.

Rajkumar seems to have related his plight to Ravikumar.  Ravikumar, infuriated at this, went in search of those who cheated Ravikumar without paying the due. 

In the middle of the night yesterday, both were travelling in the bike.  At that time, a group of 10 people who cheated Rajkumar intercepted both and assailed them.  Ravikumar and Rajkumar, who did not expect this, fled away.

The group cornered Ravikumar and assailed him with deadly weapons.  Ravikumar died in the spot.  Rajkumar, without being caught fled the spot.

Ravikumar, who stood by his friend, lost his life.  It is reported that when the gang intercepted both Rajkumar fled the spot.

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