Mantra to make reentry into cinemas

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Thursday, Mar 29, 2012

Mantra to make reentry into cinemas

Mantra, who debuted through Tamil movie ‘Priyam’, acted in number of movies and mesmerized fans.  She married and was away from limelight. Now she is back into cinemas.

When Mantra came into the cine field, she was just 14.  She has acted in more than 75 movies in Tamil and Telugu.

In 2004, Mantra married a Telugu associate director and then quit acting.  Mantra, who stayed away from cinema for considerable time, seems to desire getting back to cinemas again.

I am just 30… am fat…

Mantra, who is looking for chances, commented ‘I came into acting when I was young.  Although I am married I am just 30.  But my body has gained bulk.  I stayed away from cinema for past 7 years.  I haven’t had children.  There is reason for that.  First I need to build my own house.’

‘I am just 30.  There is still age for me to give birth to a child.  I will think about having child after completing construction of my own house.’

‘I have desire to do another round in cinemas.  I know that I would not be given heroine chance as before.  I am not against playing mother role for present lead actors.  I have decided doing sister or sister-in-law role for other heroes. To make reentry, I reduced my weight from 89 kg to 69 kg.’

‘Since I was born and brought up in Chennai, I can speak fluent Tamil.  So, I am getting calls to do dubbing for Mumbai actresses.  I have decided to accept those also.

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