Medico from Madurai takes turn in cine field

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Monday, Aug 20, 2012

Medico from Madurai takes turn in cine field

Once in a while, doctors emerge in cine roles and take audience by shock.  Doctor Ram, from Trichy did role in movie.  He turns out an ENT specialist. He did a few movies.  Also, he produced and did role in movie ‘Brahmadeva’.  The movie turned an utter flop and he resumed medical profession.  Following Ram, acupuncture specialist Doctor Srinivasan debuted into cine field with investment of crores.  He has made rounds in direction, acting, story, dialogues and also gave himself a title ‘Powerstar’. He happens to be a real comedy piece in cine field.

Now, a doctor from Madurai, named Saravanan has taken turns.  He is MA graduate.  Also, he does free medical aid for poor in Madurai.  It seems he has raised hospital named Saravana Hospital in Madurai. Also, he is conducting many service organizations.  Saravanan has done a movie titled ‘Akilan’ in which he emerges as a police officer.  The audio launch was held recently.  Noted icons from cine field participated.  Reason is that Saravanan is close to Anbu Chezhian, financier from Madurai.

All those who participated said that they abided by his request out of love, and hence the participation.  Also, they praised the doctor who is a total stranger to cinemas.  Supporters for the doctor who had come from Madurai were raising slogans cheering him till end of event. 

How is it that an acupuncture doctor has earned crores?  If indeed the Madurai doctor is a social activist he could have built another hospital with the crores he earned.  How is it that a doctor providing free medical aid is able to afford crores to do a movie? 

These questions remain unanswered to an average movie-goer.

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