More about 'Vijay 59' album

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Thursday, Nov 12, 2015

More about 'Vijay 59' album

Now here is the details everyone was waiting to here. Yes as the title says it is about Vijay 59 album and the reliable sources have revealed that the Vijay 59 album composed by GV Prakash Kumar consist of five songs and two theme music.

As per the reports the composer has composed the songs and one theme music and is yet to finish the composition of the second theme music.

GVP is currently giving the final touches to the songs and will soon be recording the second song with Vijay.

It was reported a week back that Vijay has crooned a song composed by GVP for Vijay 59.  So it is now clear that the album is sure to have 2 songs sung by Vijay. So lets wait for more interesting news in the coming days.

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