Movie ‘Sriperumbudur’ centering Rajiv Gandhi assassination

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Saturday, Oct 19, 2013

Movie ‘Sriperumbudur’ centering Rajiv Gandhi assassination

Malayalam movie ‘Mission 90 days’ was directed by Major Ravi in 2007.  The movie starred Mammootty.  Now, the movie has been dubbed in Telugu, and is set for release.  

The movie’s story is nothing new, and centers Rajiv Gandhi’s assassination.  

After assassination of Rajiv Gandhi, they form a special intelligence wing, and appoint Mammootty as the head.  They instruct him to nab the assassins alive.  

Although Mammootty corners the assassins, he is not able to capture them alive.  The assassins, who are caught by the intelligence wing, commit suicide. Few among them consume cyanide and die, and few others shoot themselves.  

That is the story of the movie.  The story bears semblance to Tamil movie ‘Kuppi’.  

One is not able to make out the reason why the movie is hastily being dubbed after six years.  

There is suspicion as to whether they are dubbing the movie in Telugu, and releasing it in Tamil Nadu since there would be problems with regard to release in Tamil Nadu.  

It is quite usual that a movie is dubbed or remade.  But, truth is that when a movie is dubbed with some motive, it causes surprise and arouses suspicion.  

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