Movie ‘Thanga MeengaL’ moves Gautam Menon to tears

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Monday, Aug 06, 2012

Movie ‘Thanga MeengaL’ moves Gautam Menon to tears

Director Gautam Vasudev Menon seems to have silently shed tears after watching a movie titled ‘Thanga MeengaL’.  The movie seems to have moved him that much.

It is usual that fans are moved to tears while watching a movie.  But, there are exceptional movies out of which cine people are moved to tears.  The movie ‘Thanga MeengaL’ proves one such exception.

The movie is directed by Ram and he stars in the movie.  Ram is the director for movie ‘KatRathu Thamizh’.  Although the movie did not turn out a commercial success, the movie won a huge acclaim.  The gist of the story, the way story was related, and the guts in taking up such a venture won appreciation.

After the movie, the stars for the movie, Jiiva and Anjali have crossed several miles in cine career.  But Ram stagnated.  After a considerable gap, Ram has come out with a moving story.

‘Thanga MeengaL’ is regarding affection between a father and daughter.  The hero for the movie is Ram.  Gautam Menon, upon hearing the story, seems to have been moved to tears.  He announced that his ‘Photon Kathas’ would take up production and thus has produced the movie.  Ram seems to have shown the first copy to Gautam Menon.  Gautam Menon was in dearth for words as he finished watching the movie and seems to have burst into tears.

Gautam Menon spoke regarding the movie ‘I was moved after seeing ‘Thaarae Zameen Par’.  I desired that there should be one such movie in Tamil.  That was the time when director Ram related the story to me.  The story pleased me.  Moreover, I suggested he be the hero for the movie. The reason is the way he related the story.  Ram enacted the story that wonderfully.’

‘Ram has shown his acting talent impeccably through the movie.  Rohini and Padmapriya compete with him in bringing out an amazing delivery.’

Gautam Menon, who was moved to tears the first time he saw the movie, seems to have seen the movie thrice.  He was not able to control tears every time he saw the movie.

Yuvan Shankar Raja’s music in ‘KatRathu Thamizh’ melted hearts of audience. Again, Yuvan is the music composer for the movie ‘Thanga MeengaL’.  Yuvan has acted for a song.  The songs and music have turned out to be amazing.  Particularly, the song ‘KuzhanthaigaL Geetham’ would bind together students and children. 

It seems they have come out with a music album with this song alone.  Particularly, they have cinematized conversation by Yuvan Shankar Raja with students of several schools. 

Indeed, it enthrals to hear news about a good movie...

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