Movie ‘Vishwaroopam’ to be premiered in DTH the coming 15th

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Monday, Feb 04, 2013

Movie ‘Vishwaroopam’ to be premiered in DTH the coming 15th

Ban imposed by Tamil Nadu Government against movie ‘Vishwaroopam’, acted, and directed by Kamal Haasan has been lifted.  Arrangements are in progress to screen the movie in theatres. 

Kamal planned relaying the movie through DTH the last month on 10th.  An amount of Rs 1000 was fixed for a connection.  Announcement was made that the movie ‘Vishwaroopam’ would hit screens on 11th. 

But, theatre owners protested against relaying the movie through DTH.  Also, the theatre owners warned that the movie would not be released in theatres . 

Following the protest by theatre owners, the movie was not premiered through DTH.  Kamal Haasan discussed the issue with theatre owners. 

There was agreement such that the movie is screened in theatres from 25th, and that DTH Premier would happen on 2nd. 

Later, as Muslim outfits protested, government imposed ban upon movie ‘Vishwaroopam’.  Due to that, the movie could not be premiered through DTH as planned on Feb 2nd. 

As the ban upon movie ‘Vishwaroopam’ has been removed, the movie is to hit screens on coming Feb 8th.  The movie is to hit screens in more than 500 theatres. 

Already, theatre owners have consented to premiering through DTH one week after release in theatres.  So, it is anticipated that the movie ‘Vishwaroopam’ would be relayed through DTH on Feb 15th. 

It is said that Kamal Haasan is discussing with DTH Companies.  Also, per connection, an amount of Rs 300 to Rs 500 would be fixed, say reports.  

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