MSG The Warrior Lion Heart Collection Report

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Saturday, Oct 08, 2016

MSG The Warrior Lion Heart Collection Report

MSG The Warrior Lionheart, trounces Mirzya, Tootak Tootak Tootiyan in reviews, fan craze and collections

The Friday release saw mainstream Bollywood releases Mirzya and Tootak Tootak Tootiyan losing out on the box office while MSG The Warrior Lion heart has gathered unexpected momentum. An independent and objective analysis of public reviews and fan craze shows that MSG fan craze rivals and overtakes Rajinikanth's films. Bollywood film websites have independently confirmed and uploaded videos of joyous fans of MSG celebrating wildly.

On the collections front, MSG has also started on a very strong footing this time. The distributor of Mumbai, Ashish Wagh, East Punjab distributor, Pankaj Khemka, Brijesh Tandon from Delhi and UP, Sanjay Marudhar from Rajasthan territory have all confirmed that houseful footfall are the norm in every MSG release and this one has upped the ante.

MSG The Warrior Lionheart is a family entertainer that engages the youth and children with its unique storyline and grand panorama. The visuals are engrossing and there is never a dull moment throughout. Mirzya wanders and meanders as a musical and fails to leave a lasting impact leaving you a little depressed. That's not what you pay moneys for. Tootak Tootak Tootiyan has failed to interest viewers as the genre of horror comedy seems disconcerting to  viewers who are still reeling under the shock of Raaz Reboot that was an unintended horror comedy and soft porn.

The most compelling concern propelling families to MSG is that it promotes family values and affection, something that interests every responsible parent. The competition Mirzya or Tootak Tootak Tootiyan, fails to weave any magic and engage families. Dhoni is doing OK put it is a longish  recap and  predictable fare. MSG is a Superhero who is an Indian answer to justice league. Going by the 18.070 Crore gross collection on day one, including 1 Crore from public preview, MSG is here to stay and slay social demons with solid entertainment.

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