Lawyer couple arrested for murdering actress with money motive

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Wednesday, Apr 18, 2012

Lawyer couple arrested for murdering actress with money motive

Police arrested a lawyer couple who beheaded an actress for money and were roaming about with her head for two days.  Meenakshi Dhaba hails from Nepal.  Initially she was residing in Dehra Dun.  Later she moved to Mumbai out of interest in becoming an actress.

She played a small role in ‘Heroine’ produced by Mathur Bandaarkar.  Also, she acted in ‘404’, a ghost thriller in 2011.  Police received a complaint that she was not to be seen after she left from her residence in Mumbai.

Police investigated and arrested a lawyer couple.  These people too were looking for cinema chances.

As police conducted inquiry with the couple Amit Jaisval, 36, and Preethi Elvina Soorin, things have come to light.  Jaisval and Soorin studied law in Allahabad.  Also, they conducted a class for students in Allahabad.  Since the income was insufficient, they moved to Mumbai and resided in Viraar location.

They were looking for cinema chance.  During that time, they came across actress Meenakshi Dhaba in film shooting.

Then Dhaba commented ‘I am from a rich family.  I am doing films as pastime.’  After meeting Soorin, Jaiswal had problem in marital life.  So, both fled to Mumbai out of interest in cinemas.  As they moved to Mumbai and came across Meenakshi Dhaba, they plotted to abduct her for money.

They told Meenakshi Dhaba that there is a film shooting in Allahabad and took her there.  On the way, they murdered Dhaba and took away her ATM card and SIM card.  Then they called Meenakshi’s mother and demanded a ransom of Rs. 15 lakhs.  They threatened that if the money is not given, then they would take porn movie of Meenakshi and then murder her.

Also, they directed her brother to deposit money in Dhaba’s bank account.  Following this Dhaba’s brother registered complaint with Dehra Dun police.  The case was shifted to Amboli police station.  As police were looking out for the abductors, Navraj gave each Rs. 60, 000.

Since Jaiswal and Soorin spoke from Dhaba’s mobile phone, on basis of that police conducted inquiry and arrested both.

Initially both refused to confess.  But later they relented.  But they did not tell where they abandoned her body.

After murdering Dhaba, they stashed away her body somewhere, and where roaming about with her head.  In the night, they abandoned her head in a bus.  So far, the head has not been traced.

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