Mysskin speaks as ‘Onayum Aattukuttiyum’ meets with a sorry plight

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Friday, Oct 04, 2013

Mysskin speaks as ‘Onayum Aattukuttiyum’ meets with a sorry plight

Movie ‘Onayum Aattukuttiyum’ has met with a sorry plight in spite of appreciations that the movie received.  The movie has not had sufficient collection in the box-office. 

Mysskin, the movie director – producer, is pasting posters across the state so as to draw audience to theatres.  Recently, Mysskin was in Trichy, where he met media reporters and cine fans. Mysskin seems to have vented his ire thus: -

‘I convey my gratitude to media friends, audiences, and distributors who stood by me.’

‘There is happiness in the sadness that I have.  Nobody volunteered to produce the movie.  I would not lie that producers queued up after viewing my movie.  Not one producer volunteered to take up my movie due to the financial constraints that arose following flop movie ‘Mugamoodi’. So, I decided to produce the movie.’

‘As I contemplated making a movie after ‘Mugamoodi’, many people suggested coming out with a masala movie.  But, I was not complacent.  I penned the story after mortgaging my office.’

‘My fervor to make movie sticking to Hollywood standards proved instigation for me to direct the movie.  I took up the movie as a self-experimentation.  There was no place for romantic scenes in the movie.’
 ‘Moreover, I am 42.  I cannot do a duet.  So, the movie does not have a duet.  I felt that it is not civilized to insert an item number.’

‘They did not volunteer to release the movie since there is no item number in the movie.  I did not screen the movie to distributors due to experience I had out of ‘Nandalala’.  Beyond that, the movie hit screens following appreciation from reporters.  I know that nobody would do the Onai.  So, I got into the arena relying on my story.’ 

I have done six movies so far. Sales of satellite rights did not amount to even one crore.  View my six movies… Have I shown women in wrong manner? Is there a scene such that youngsters mock the elderly? But, this is the prize for dignity.’

‘Is it a mistake to think of making a good movie? I did not receive loan even after knocking at doorsteps.  My movie has been lifted from ten theatres since collection was meager.  So, I lost faith and came back to streets.  But, the next day, appreciations poured in from across the globe.’ 

‘That is the reason why the movie is running.  But, I do not have money for pasting posters.  I have got loan and come here.  Facebook and Twitter saved me.’
 ‘Following Coimbatore, I am to paste posters in Trichy also.’
One would not feel happy out of sugarcoated words alone.  Fans should celebrate such a movie.’

Mysskin turns up at theatres which screen the movie. Also, he is distributing CDs to audiences.  He receives donation for Vasantham School for every CD that he gives. 
It is to be noted that the school is for mentally retarded children.

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