‘Naan Ee’ Sudeep reveals his happiness in receiving Rajini’s appreciation

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Friday, Aug 03, 2012

‘Naan Ee’ Sudeep reveals his happiness in receiving Rajini’s appreciation

Kannada lead actor Sudeep has commented that appreciation he received from Rajini for role in Tamil movie ‘Naan Ee’ exceeds prestige received through Oscar award.

Sudeep has been doing Kannada movies for fifteen years.  ‘Naan Ee’ turns out the first Tamil movie Sudeep does.  Sudeep speaks Tamil quite fluently without faltering.

Sudeep was in Chennai recently to celebrate success of the movie ‘Naane Ee’. Then he made address in press meet.  Here are excerpts from what he said:

Sudeep said that the welcome received for his debutant Tamil venture has moved him and given him pleasant surprise.  Also, Sudeep said he thanks Tamil audience from depths of his heart.

When asked about how he accepted antihero role in Tamil when he turns out lead actor in Kannada, Sudeep replied ‘I did not mind the story.  To be frank, director for the movie, Rajamouli related the story in just four lines.  The story did not attract me.  But my desire to work with Rajamouli forced me to take up the movie. Also, I placed faith that whatever be the story, the way he takes it as a movie would turn interesting.’

Would you take up Tamil movies any further?

‘If I say no, it would turn out a lie.  But, currently I am in the mood to enjoy success of ‘Naan Ee’.  The reason is that the difficulty that I underwent for both ‘Naan Ee’ and ‘Egaa’ could not be related that easily.  As every scene was taken simultaneously in Tamil and Telugu, there was much mental stress.  I need some time to come out of the impact.’  Also, Sudeep added that he has already received Oscar Award of his life through the movie. 

‘Superstar Rajini appreciated my effort.  I consider it greater than Oscar’ said Sudeep.

‘Following success of ‘Naan Ee’, I and my friend in Kannada cine field, Ravichandran were chatting.  Then there was a phone call.  Ravichandran told me that an individual desires to speak with me.’

‘I tried to guess the person on the other side and took the call.  In the other end, it was the person’s voice.  He spoke in Kannada enthusiastically ‘I have lost sleep because of you...’ began the person.  I discerned the voice... but was not sure whether it was really himself.’

‘But I knew I cannot ask whether it is Rajini.  I spoke with hesitation.  I confirmed that it is Rajini.  Rajini said... ‘I thought I am the best one for villain role.  But you have excelled... well done..’. As Rajini showered praises, I was not in this world. As per me, it is Oscar Award for me.  It excels Oscar even.  It is really a matter to be prided that my number is in his phonebook’ said Sudeep emotionally.

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