Namita and Bharath speak on eve of awareness program in Chennai

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Wednesday, Jun 06, 2012

Namita and Bharath speak on eve of awareness program in Chennai

Indo – Malaysian centre for trade and commerce and J Selvakumar’s Bing Arts company are to conduct a joint Motto Show 2012, in Chennai Trade and Commerce centre the coming June 22nd, 23rd and 24th.

Consultations will be held with regard to purchase of vehicle, maintenance and with regard to several other matters.  The motto of the show is to create awareness regarding sticking to traffic rules and regulations, and to drive vehicles safely.

As a precedent, a travel by foot in which thousands are to participate is to be held the coming June 10th.  The travel by foot is to be flagged off from Besant Nagar beach, Chennai.

The motto of the program is to create awareness by mentioning that those who conduct the program stick by road rules, and that such rules are to be followed by everybody.

In the press meet arranged to explain purpose of the program, actress Namita and Bharath participated.

Namita spoke ‘Everybody should stick to the traffic rules and regulations.  This is because… you might not have made mistake… but as one who comes from opposite falters… it hits the whole family of the victim.’

 ‘Nine years ago, as I was coming back from a show, a truck from opposite entered the wrong lane and caused a major havoc.  We were sticking to the right lane.  But we were those among affected.  If I had not put the seatbelt, I do not know whether I would be here speaking to you all…’

 ‘Seatbelts and helmets are for our safety.  Please do not forget that.’

 ‘It would be of course difficult to wear helmet during summer.  Those who have flowing hair may trim it closely.’

 ‘There is a mentality in our country that traffic rules are there to be violated.  That should change.  The first week they would be very strict.  But as days pass by, it has become usual to ignore rules and regulations.’

 ‘Government has constructed public toilets to attend to nature’s call.  But now, those are not being used and people litter the public place, soil it, and also spit in public places.’

‘It is our city. It is our country.  Those who do not keep it clean do not deserve to be here in our country.’
 ‘In countries abroad, they are very strict about such things.  If I turn a politician, I would penalize such people with heavy fine amounts as 5000 or 10000.’


Bharath, speaking on the occasion said ‘It is not because I am here that I am telling this… In truth, I stick to traffic rules and regulations.  I have told this to my driver also.  Even if it is 12 midnight, I ask him to stop if the traffic signal shows red.’

 ‘Similarly, in public places I have not strewn litter.  I go in search of place to dispose garbage.  ‘

 ‘It is not enough if few stick to traffic rules and regulations… everybody should adhere to the rules and regulations.’

 ‘I immediately nod in assent if called for such awareness programs… I do not prove elusive to those who come in search of me… It is our duty to adhere to traffic rules and regulations.’

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