Namita speaks to fans and reporters in Coimbatore

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Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Namita speaks to fans and reporters in Coimbatore

Whether or not they have movie chances, actresses are always busy.  They always have schedules as appearing during opening of shops, being brand ambassadors and appearing for dance events. 

Actress Namita was present for one such event.  The place is Coimbatore.

Fans, on seeing Namita were exhilarated and sent flying kisses to her.  Namita handled it the right way, and took care that the enthusiasm did not douse.  Indeed, she is an expert in that.

Later, she took some time to speak to media reporters who vied with fans to get an opportunity to speak to her.  She said ‘I prefer Coimbatore very much.  I have never hesitated to turn up at Coimbatore whenever I got chance.  In the last 8 years I have been to Coimbatore 40 times.’

‘The place I like the most in Coimbatore is Racecourse.  Every time I visit the place, I feel enthusiastic.  Also in future, I prefer visiting Coimbatore.’

‘I am not in the position to be constant in cinema.  Beyond popularity, I prefer taking up good roles.  That is why I am waiting to take up roles which could help me show my talent.’

‘So far in the movies I took up, ‘Pachcha Kudhirai’ helped me show my talent.  Another one is the movie ‘Aei’ in which I paired up with Saratkumar.  I have good name as an actress who could do comedy and romance.’

‘The Ajit Starrer ‘Billa’ proved a turning point for me.  Currently I am doing Kannada movies.’

‘When it comes to my most preferred actor, I cannot point out a particular person.  I like every actor.  What could I say if I am asked my preference among my two eyes?  The same way, the actors with whom I acted have given me full cooperation.  So far I have not had any bad name with regard to any particular actor.’

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