Nayanthara frustrated out of failure in romances

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Friday, Jul 26, 2013

Nayanthara frustrated out of failure in romances

Actress Nayanthara was entangled in romance with Simbu, and then with Prabhu Deva. But both of these romances did not last long.  Out of her love for Prabhu Deva, Nayanthara went to the extent of converting to another religion.  But, it is known that romance with Prabhu Deva did not go till marriage. 

Both of the romances dealt a blow to Nayanthara. Now, Nayanthara is being rumored in connection with Arya.  Although Nayanthara has been hitting headlines frequently for relationships she has had, the importance given to her has made Nayanthara happy. 

Nayanthara spoke: -

‘After a long gap, I am back to cinema.  When people stay away from cinema for some time and then return, there would not be much welcome to them.  But that has not been the case with me.  I am receiving same respect as ever. There is no lagging behind.  I am busy than before.  This has made me very happy.

‘I am doing movie Anamika in Telugu.  Also, I have two Tamil movies in hand.  I do good characters in movies.  It makes me happy that I am alone.  There is no chance for me to be entangled in romance yet another time in life.  I have full liberty to decide my life.  I would never lose the freedom of choice.’ 

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