Nayanthara turns down Mandodhari character

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Saturday, Dec 31, 2011

Nayanthara turns down Mandodhari character

Nayanthara starred as Seetha in Telugu movie ‘Sri Ramarajjiyam’.  After that she did not sign up any new movie.  She said she has put a full stop to cinema career and that she is going to marry Prabhudeva.

Reports allege that she was contacted by Hindi director Ramgopal Verma to act in his movie.  He is making a movie based on Raavana and the movie is titled the same.

It seems Nayanthara was approached to be cast as Raavana’s wife Mandothari.  There were anticipations about her being cast in the movie.
A report alleges that Nayanthara turned down the role.  A lead Telugu actor speaking regarding this mentioned ‘Nayanthara is not interesting in playing Mandotdhari’s character.  She got chances to pair up with Pawan Kalyan and Maheshbabu.  She turned down those offers.’

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