Nayanthara’s thanksgiving to Tirupathi deity

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Friday, Mar 23, 2012

Nayanthara’s thanksgiving to Tirupathi deity

Nayanthara has started hitting the headlines again.  Before it was about love and separation, and now it is about signing up for big ventures. 

Nayanthara who already signed up for Ajit and Gopichand movies, has signed up for Telugu movies also and has even started acting in one.

Directors are holding discussion with her for cast in two mega ventures. 

Nayanthara who is in cloud nine at the welcome and demand she has even after all these years, visited Tirupathi yesterday in the morning at 10 am. 

Nayanthara worshipped the deity there and as she was returning fans gathered in the temple to see her.

Nayanthara waved her hands at the fans. With comment that she feels a lot relaxed Nayanthara boarded her car and left.

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