Nayanthara turns a steadfast spiritualist

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Saturday, Jun 02, 2012

Nayanthara turns a steadfast spiritualist

Nayanthara has turned an ardent spiritualist.  Nayanthara, a Christian, converted to Hinduism to marry Prabhudeva.  She went to the Arya Samaj Mutt in Chennai and with recitation of mantras from Vedas before the flames, Nayanthara converted to Hinduism.

Then, Nayanthara visited Hindu temples.  She went to Tirupathi Venkatachalapathy temple, Guruvayur Bhagawathi Amman temple and worshipped the deity with sincere devotion.

Nayanthara made it a practice to bear the holy ashes and vermillion in her forehead.  In movie ‘Sri Rama Rajjiyam’, she wore orange sari and the rudraksha beads and played role of Sita. Keeping the character of Sita in mind, Nayanthara abstained from taking non-vegetarian food and maintained fast.

After severing of ties with Prabhudeva, Nayanthara’s spiritual fervor has turned stronger.  She is concentrating more in meditation and Yoga.  During intervals in shootings, Nayanthara meditates.  The sadness and agitation prominent in her face before have waned off.  She appears silent.

There is obvious maturity in her speech and the way she gives interviews.  Nayanthara says that she has learnt out of mistakes.  Also, she says she is out of her problems.


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