Nazriya Nazim imposes conditions on directors

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Thursday, Oct 03, 2013

Nazriya Nazim imposes conditions on directors

Actress Nazriya Nazim debuted through movie ‘Neram’.  Now, Nazriya Nazim is lead actress in cine field.  Since Nazriya Nazim has paired up with lead heroes as Dhanush and Arya, she feels that her talent in acting has increased. 

So, Nazriya Nazim imposes some conditions on directors. 

Nazriya Nazim does not want to be made dummy in movies that she accepts.  She seems to be searching for a character with weight in it. 

As the director narrates the story, Nazriya Nazim seems to demand that she appears in many scenes in the movie.
In a development, Nazriya Nazim is committed to a Malayalam movie in which she pairs up with Nivin, who did movie ‘Neram’ with her. 

Since the story revolves around her character, Nazriya Nazim immediately allocated call-sheet for the movie. 

The movie is titled ‘Om Shanthi Osana’.  Through the movie, Nazriya Nazim is pairing up with Nivin for the third time.

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