Now it is a beer for a bath among actresses

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Saturday, Jul 28, 2012

Now it is a beer for a bath among actresses

Now, those who relish taking beer have another alternative. By the very smell of beer in the flowing hair of women who rinse their hair with beer, men may go to heights of intoxication.  The number of women among celebrities who rinse their head with beer is increasing.  Now it has come to light that Kollywood heroines are rinsing their hair with beer.

Recent studies show that bones get strong out of intake of two or three glasses of beer.  Since silicon present in beer is in liquid state, it mixes in the body easily and helps in strengthening the bones.  Only if intake is less than half a liter, the desired result is got.  If the intake exceeds 500 ml it results in severe setbacks, reveals the study.

Also, research has revealed that like helping in strengthening the body, beer helps in maintaining a silky hair.  Government has come up with facilities as Tasmac and Elite.  Now, an actress has resorted to trial and has poured beer down her head.  If the hair is separated as strands, and if rinsed with beer, strands of hair turn silky and float beautifully in the air.  Also, experiment by the actress has revealed that it strengthens the strands of hair.

It seems that the number of people using beer for a bath is increasing.  The list includes actresses as Tamannaah, Tapsee, Anushka.  Once, they were unable to reason out actress Sonia Agarwal’s act of purchasing cases of beer. Only later, it came to light that the beer was not for intake, but for bath.  Also, they say that beer is the reason for Sonia Agarwal’s silky hair.

Those who desire to rinse their hair with beer need to take the beer from fridge and keep it in room temperature.  Then, a mild shampoo should be used to rinse hair.  Then, the flowing hair should be separated as strands and rinsed with small amounts of beer.  Then, the hair should be dried with towel.  After the hair dries, one could see that the hair flows down beautifully.  The Vitamin B and natural sugar content in beer seems to give the shine to the hair.

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