One actor makes up a movie

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Saturday, Apr 09, 2016

One actor makes up a movie

Actor Riyaz will  feature in a full-length trilingual horror movie, which will have only him as a character, with a canine and elephant for company.

Matroruvan will have him alone as a character in the film, with the script based on his dreams turning into reality.This is a psychology (based) story.

The hero gets dreams which turn into reality. He gets a big dream and the climax of the movie is whether that one also comes alive, director of the film, Majo Mathew, said.

Riyaz Khan has an invisible villain and the suspense is who is that Matroruvan and whether it is a ghost or just an imagination cannot be guessed, Mathew said in a statement.

'Besides Riyaz Khan, a dog and an elephant are the other 'live characters', the statement said adding the film will release in May in Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam.

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