Parthiban apologizes for mention made in ‘Thillu Mullu’ inaugural ceremony

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Wednesday, Aug 29, 2012

Parthiban apologizes for mention made in ‘Thillu Mullu’ inaugural ceremony

Actor Parthiban has forwarded apology saying ‘In opening ceremony for movie ‘Thillu Mullu I spoke in humorous fashion with intent to enthral fans.  If it has hurt anybody’s sentiments, I apologize’

Actor Parthiban participated in inaugural ceremony for the movie.  ‘Debutant actress Isha Talwar is better-looking than Siva.  If Lord Siva gets such heroine, he would forsake Parvathi and sing duet with Isha Talwar’ said Parthiban in his address.

‘It is violation of limits to say that Lord Siva, God of millions of Hindus would sing duet with an actress.  Parthiban has hurt sentiments of Hindus.  Would he dare to speak about Gods of other castes?  Parthiban should apologize for the mention he has made.  Otherwise, we would resort to agitation in front of his residence’ said Hindu People Party.

In a development, Parthiban has released statement forwarding apology.  Here are highlights from his statements.

‘My humorous talk is being treated an issue, and now it has escalated to level of agitation.  I participate in events related to cinema to wish concerned people and to enthral audience.  I do not receive a penny in return for that.’

‘I do not have intent to hurt anybody.  Also, I do not rebuke anybody through speech.’

‘Denial of God and acceptance of God is an individual’s choice.  Nobody has right to interfere.  Nobody has authority to hurt another person.’

‘I said humorously that one cannot just stick to Siva. Then I repented saying that. If by chance, it hurt anybody, I convey regrets and apology.’ 

‘It is mind that is temple.  Good thoughts are God.  To pelt stones at that is a blasphemy.  I am a theist.  But that God could not be visualized.  It cannot be restricted within any particular party.’

‘That which is beyond gender, that which is without form, that which is the universe, and that which is beyond description, I worship that... as light within me.’

‘The immediate challenge before us is corruption. Also, not an individual in a developed country as India should go without food.  To nourish humanity, that is service to God...’ said Parthiban.

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